Webinar: Becoming an Excel WHIZ

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Excel is an integral part of every accounting and finance team's toolkit. Other than the ERP, Excel is typically the tool that the entire team spends most of their time working on. With our accounting heritage, the team at CALUMO understands this very well; that's why we integrate CALUMO so tightly with Excel.

But not everyone has CALUMO for reporting and budgeting (just yet), so until you do, this webinar will help you connect to your data and learn about methods to build reports with Excel. You will also learn tips and tricks along the way that will even help our CALUMO users. Although building reports using pure Excel is significantly harder than with CALUMO, this webinar will help you save time and learn a few cool Excel tricks to make your reporting and budgeting life a little easier.

During this session, participants learnt:

  • A much easier and smarter way to use Excel for organizational reporting,
  • How organizations like yours automate Excel for fast report production,
  • The tools and methods these organizations use to make their reporting lives easier.