CALUMO Takes the Pain Out Of Reporting and Budgeting at Dynamics Summit 2019

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“Budgeting is painful, and reporting takes too much time.” We heard this over and over again at the Dynamics Summit 2019 in Orlando this October. We heard budgeting and reporting are painful from NAV, GP, AX and D365 users and partners.

CALUMO was proud to be a sponsor again this year, and again, we met so many Dynamics users from different industries with the same pain.

  • Reporting and budgeting is mostly done in Excel; an Accountant's go-to tool,
  • Many hours and days are wasted in Excel,
  • Spreadsheets get very large, complex, and unstable,
  • Management and Executives continue to ask for more visibility.

Our session on Practical Usage of AI in the Department of Finance and Accounting was a hit. AI and Machine Learning (ML) is slowly becoming part of the Finance Team’s tool kit, and also a very useful tool in CALUMO. AI and ML are indeed underutilized today and technically quite a leap from Excel spreadsheets, but CALUMO makes using AI and ML technology easy, which the attendees loved. AI is another way to continue to more accurately and automatically forecast, reduce the margin for error, and focus on increasing revenue.

Questions answered in the session included:

  • What real-life examples are there where we can use AI today for forecasting?
  • How and where can I use AI in the Finance and Accounting Department?
  • Should I use AI, or is my problem solved with an algorithm?

If you’re in ‘Excel Hell’ today and you want to automate budgeting, forecasting, and reporting, email us at