A view from the top – Tim Bryden

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Taking on the toughest challenges both in business and while snowboarding around the world has given Tim Bryden the experience and perspective to provide value to all his clients at CALUMO. If you have business challenges or opportunities, it is likely he has faced something similar.

We sat down with Tim to discuss his career and how he used snowboarding to find balance in his life.

So, talk us through your education and early career that led you to CALUMO.

After being the first person to graduate The University of Sydney with a combined computer science and accounting degree, I started my career in finance with companies like PWC and BT Financial Group. From here, I moved through several senior leadership positions at companies like General Electric and Ibbotson Associates. My focus was always on creating data-driven teams, improving the quality and timeliness of information, and using this to inform decision making.

Next, I carved my own path for a few years building my own business, Nakedfunds, an online direct-to-retail fund manager. Then I transitioned to overseeing the transformation and sale of Kembla Watertech, before moving into consulting for a range of businesses to help with their digital transformation efforts.

I'm sure all of that transformation and responsibility carried its own stress; how did you deal with that?

While I loved the responsibility, working in senior leadership roles is incredibly taxing and all-encompassing. So, after each major career achievement, I would always take time away for an extended overseas snowboarding trip. I travelled extensively through snow fields across Asia, America and Europe. It was always refreshing that on the mountain, no-one really cared what you had achieved in business back home. These trips allowed me to reset, gain perspective and remember what I really enjoy in life.

Balance in all things, as they say. So, that brings us to CALUMO. What is your role and what drew you to the company?

Currently, I am working as an Engagement Director at CALUMO. I lead the planning, implementation and ongoing support of projects across financial planning & analysis, operational analytics and more unique business-specific projects.

A key reason I initially joined CALUMO is the quality of the broader team. We have so many smart and capable consultants constantly pushing the boundaries of what our technology can achieve and a depth of specialist experience amongst senior team members that I believe is unparalleled.

With such a varied team, each CALUMO consultant brings their own set of skills and experience to the role. What is that for you?

I love the variety and challenge of my work at CALUMO, leveraging my experience to create value for clients across a range of industries. I comfortably engage with senior leadership, understand their perspective and enjoy deep diving into business challenges or opportunities they care about. I get my hands dirty too, not just writing a recommendation but actually delivering and supporting solutions and then partnering with the client to evolve those solutions as their business also evolves.

My experience and skills across business and technology mean I'm able to take a client’s broad questions and ideas and develop a solution with minimal need for the involvement of different parties (analysts, systems mapping, IT). This not only helps with the speed of solution iteration but also means there is less risk of key needs being lost in translation and a greater ability to pivot and embrace new ideas as they emerge.

Sounds like you're putting the experience to good use. Do you have any final thoughts to leave our readers with?

If I’ve learned one thing from my career it's that good leaders always ask questions, challenge the status quo and continually search for better information. I've been involved with many executives on data-centric projects, and those that really move the dial don’t shy away from the tough questions. Instead, they confront them head on and use the challenge to deliver truly game-changing transformation.

If you'd like to have Tim work on your next CPM project, contact us at info@calumo.com or to work on the cutting edge of FP&A technology with CALUMO, consider applying for one of our consulting or developer positions currently open. Check out our careers page for more details!