Magic views (or ‘Drill to view’) – see beyond the smoke and mirrors

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Magic Views (or ‘Drill to View’) is a trick that every FP&A professional should have up their sleeve. At the click of a button, you can see the context behind every number on a report, without needing to delve into multiple data sources for the truth. Magic Views will save you hours of manually sifting through data. This time can now be spent on making informed strategic decisions.


Practically, Magic Views allows you to select a cell on a report and drill out to a view of that data point, serving as a starting point for further analysis. From here, you have the full power of the data explorer at your fingertips. CALUMO creates that view on the fly based on the number you choose – that's the magic part.



Why not just drill to transactions from the report? Well, you could do that, and often will, but Magic Views is another way to help you refine your analysis. You can surface the handful of items that are really driving the result you are chasing like cost centres, products, and categories before jumping off into the transactions that are root cause.

Try it for yourself. Open a report, click on a number and press the Magic View button on the report toolbar. Then you can slice, dice, dynamically chart and drill to transactions to your heart’s content from the Magic view immediately!

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