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Are you still stuck working from disparate spreadsheets? If so, when you’re presented with a discrepancy in your data, you’ll be used to sifting through related reports, refreshing old analysis and downloading transactions from the GL and A/P systems before then rushing to develop a solution.

This manual process wastes a huge amount of valuable time that could be spent better understanding the problem and strategically developing a solution. Furthermore, by doing everything manually, you are creating risk in a function that despises risk.

But not if you’re using Linked Analytics with CALUMO.

With Linked Analytics, you can create future value from any time you spend on CALUMO. Any reports or views which share dimensions with each other can be meaningfully joined together to help you analyse data faster than ever before. There is no duplication of effort. This is just another way that CALUMO gives you back time otherwise spent on reporting so you can spend it on analysis, communication and partnering with your business to make data-driven decisions that lift everyone’s future performance.

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