Full presentation: The transformation of Mainbrace’s data management

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After a 12-month hiatus, Club CALUMO returned in May 2021. It was a great night of storytelling, where the audience learned all about how Mainbrace has leveraged our system to transform its data management and heard from the Labs about new CALUMO product updates.

Angus Greenwood, Head of Data, Technology & Systems at Mainbrace Constructions, delivered a fantastic presentation on his innovative use of CALUMO. It was a tour-de-force in xP&A.

Click the below link to watch the full presentation.

Mainbrace is Australia’s leading and most experienced retail builder. Its clients range from small businesses to large corporations and include almost every major retailer in Australia. Boasting 85% repeat clients and a 99% on-time track record, Mainbrace leans heavily on data-led insights to improve client trust and ensure projects meet their milestones.

In his Club CALUMO presentation, Angus explored how his team uses CALUMO to:
• Aggregate operational metrics to enhance human resource management.
• Improve site safety analytics by digitising Mainbrace’s site diaries and generating a suite of site safety reports to inform project managers.
• Boost Mainbrace’s cost modelling by stitching together data from multiple platforms and unlocking insights from its historical project data.
• Build a workload pipeline that can accurately forecast Mainbrace’s likelihood of winning a project and its upcoming stream of work.

To learn more about how CALUMO can improve your construction data management, analysis and reporting, get in touch with us on: +61 2 8985 7777 (AUS), 214-387-6030 (USA) or info@calumo.com.

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