Laxman Baral – Mountains, Sea, and Perspectives

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Laxman Baral believes in CALUMO, and thinks the passion in the people around him is what makes us competitive in the BI and CPM sectors. His broad life experience, empathy, and unique spiritual balance make him an integral part of our consulting team.


Can you tell us about your journey from the highlands of Nepal to the offices of CALUMO?

I’m from a small town called Pokhara – it’s at the base of one of the big Himalayan ranges where the mountaineers start their hike. Before I came to Australia, I didn’t believe that a third of the Earth is sea. I thought a third of the Earth must be mountains.

I left Nepal to study a bachelor’s degree majoring in psychology, minoring in Chinese. But later I wanted to pursue more technical work, so I did a master’s in information technology.

At the beginning of my career I joined a start-up. I was working as a business intelligence junior, and although the team around me was very strong, the company failed. This was an important part of my story – it helped me to establish a start-up mindset. It also made me think about the existence of business, and how I should appreciate the local companies that are able to survive in such competitive markets.

That’s something I’ve really valued about CALUMO for as long as I’ve worked here. There are big players out there like SAP, Oracle, or IBM, but CALUMO is an emerging Australian company that’s making a big impact. This is important for me and our team, it puts our clients at the centre of what is important to us.

When you’re not busy delivering CALUMO’s outstanding service to each of your clients, what do you do? What makes Laxman Laxman?

I believe that, just like in business, continuous improvement comes on a personal level. For me, every day is a new learning curve. I’m excited and passionate about trying new things, new technologies, and I think everyone striving to succeed should have that ambition for growth in them. Keep learning new things, and someday the dots will connect backwards.

Just like the aspects of a multidimensional data model (or Cube), I believe there are three dimensions of life: physicality in the body, thoughts in the brain, and our consciousness, which is beyond our body and mind. If you balance these three things, you’ll be a happy person. I try to find energy in things I do this way.

A sunrise in Laxman's hometown of Pokhara, Nepal.


Do these interconnected dimensions of life often pop up in your work at CALUMO?

They’re an integral part of my day-to-day. Understanding the perspectives is such an important part of consulting work. I personally believe that there is no single, universal approach to business intelligence and corporate performance management. Like the capacity of every human being, each organisation is made up of different teams with different levels of skill and different mindsets.

My job is to understand where and how the client is failing, or how they can be better. I consider their situation, where they sit in terms of technical capabilities, and I help to give them a relevant solution. Understanding the client is so crucial. My psych degree and technical knowledge really come together to help me do this.

You’ve worked for CALUMO for almost three years, what do you think sets us apart?

When you’re growing up and your parents tell you to “go around with a good circle” and “have good friends”, you always try to rebel against them, thinking that you will be fine. What I’ve learnt throughout my life and career is that your parents are right. Your peers do influence you significantly. One thing that makes CALUMO special is the strength of the team, and the organisational and management culture. Here, I get to surround myself with the people with similar mindset and a mentality to succeed.

Everyone at CALUMO is extremely talented, and passionate about what they’re doing. It’s a very strong team. I left in 2018 to pursue opportunities at a bigger company, but I just didn’t find a comparable kind of passion there. That’s what brought me back, and that’s why I believe in CALUMO.

Why does CALUMO have such a big impact in the BI and CPM landscape?

I work for professional services as a consultant, but I’m also part of the success team and a trainer at CALUMO. What sets us apart in CPM is that we offer both a product and a service, and I strongly believe that our team is one of the best in Australia at what we do.

As a product, we have a very talented bunch of developers, and the consultants also help to drive CALUMO forward. It’s an environment where everyone is working together to improve things and make them more robust. There’s a big collaborative effort to always make things better than what they are now. A good circle of people – that’s what makes CALUMO so effective in the BI and CPM sector.

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