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Are you considering integrating CALUMO but are worried about the training effort involved in up-skilling all stakeholders? Or are you a current power-user looking to share specific reports or apps without needing to teach your colleagues the full detail of our platform?

Well rest easy, my friend, we have you covered. At CALUMO, we understand the importance of reducing training costs and eliminating the need to explain the platform every time you want to share an asset. That’s why we created Start Pages.

In essence, Start Pages hides most of CALUMO’s functionality and allows admins to choose the entry point for users based on group membership. Through Start Pages your can ensure specific users only see relevant reports, views, apps, and URLs. Not just limited to single reports, Start Pages can be linked to a CALUMO app creating a portal to a range of specific analysis that can be customised at any time.

Financial reporting and analysis needs will differ for each team within your organisation. Start Pages addresses this fact, further reducing CALUMO’s already-low barrier to entry and streamlining your workflow.

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