Anthony Xar – Seeking challenge in all walks of life

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Anthony is an experienced, sword-owning Senior Consultant at CALUMO, who enjoys the challenge of delivering on diverse business requirements. His passion for datasets of all shapes, sizes, and styles make him a versatile and committed member of our consulting team.

How did you end up working in Corporate Performance Management?

I graduated with an IT degree and just kind of fell into CPM. I’ve always liked the insights you can get out of data, and the way organisations can leverage those to help improve their processes. CPM amazes me. It makes people’s lives easier.

I started with Eclipx Group as a BI grad. They’ve been using CALUMO for years, and so it was a natural progression to join the consulting team here. I’m a Senior Consultant now, and I interface with clients to fully flesh out specific business requirements and develop a clear plan to deliver them.

How diverse are the clients that you work with?

There’s always new and interesting challenges to face when consulting with CALUMO. We work with businesses across a range of industries, who each have different data and insights needs.

It’s my job to take whatever dataset the business wants and integrate it into our source systems. I clean it up, pull it through, and then build the front-end cubes and reports. It doesn’t really matter what database I’m working in – I’ve done animals, retail, general ledgers – connecting disparate data and having it flow through into dashboarding and analytics is a challenge I’ve always welcomed.

As I get more experience working with different databases, I’m able to provide better insights for more complex business requirements. CALUMO is an incredibly robust system, and I enjoy the process of leveraging it to get specific CPM outcomes for customers.

And what do you do when you’re not optimising CALUMO’s CPM outcomes?

As I said, I like taking on different challenges. That’s true both inside and outside of CALUMO. I like to keep pretty physically active. Going to the gym and on hikes on the weekend. I also go travelling a lot – well, not recently. But I’ve hiked in Europe, hiked Mount Fuji, and paid probably too much for a prop sword from the Samuri Museum in Japan.

What do you think makes CALUMO such a powerful tool?

It’s a really talented and passionate team here. I think CALUMO’s strength is kind of intertwined with our consultants – we know that we’re working with a powerful system, and we know how to get the most out of it.

I’m always interested by the way CALUMO works with different types of data. It’s a very versatile tool, and the consultants here are good at interfacing with the product. We guide our customers through setting up reports, analytics, and linking it all, so they can get better front-end outcomes from their data. We know how to make people’s lives easier.

What would you say to people looking to learn about CPM and data at CALUMO?

We’ve got a really great grad program going on now. Under Rob [Mulroney] and the professional services team, there’s a really clear plan for training, and CALUMO is a great place to learn BI, data structures, and T-SQL. There’s space here for anyone who wants to get a start in the industry, or even more experienced people looking to get more technical.

There’s a learning curve in this work, for sure. I still learn things every day. But once you get on top of it, consulting work with CALUMO provides a really good and broad skillset – it’s not like you’re just doing finance or just doing operations, you’ll pretty much do a mixture depending on the customers you’re working with.

It’s a good place to learn and grow. If you like working with data, or you want to use your skills to make people’s lives easier, there’s no better place than CALUMO.

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