DRNSW presentation – Enabling Finance to become a ‘value add’ for intelligent businesses

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Recently, CALUMO had the pleasure of attending the 2021 Shared Services and Outsourcing Week. At the event, we were proud to sponsor Paul Watkins to speak on how MyOutcomes (a CALUMO product) has transformed the way the Department of Regional NSW manages its data.

Change is the only constant in government. As elections come and go, and community demand shifts, budgets are regularly re-allocated and government Finance departments are expected to find efficiencies wherever they can.

MyOutcomes is a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution built on the CALUMO system and deployed at both DPIE and DRNSW. It provides the government clusters with a single platform to manage actual results, undertake detailed budgeting, perform periodic re-forecasting, and deliver a consistent set of management and executive reports. It is a highly scalable platform that conforms to NSW Government security requirements.

Click below to watch Paul’s presentation in full.


If you want more information on how MyOutcomes can help your cluster, get in touch with us on +61 2 8985 7777 (AUS), +1 214 387 6030 (USA) or info@calumo.com.