Report support: Five tips for using logos to improve reader engagement

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The first job of a report (like a web page) is to confirm for the reader that they are looking at the right document. To this end, a logo goes a long way. But it’s important to be systematic about the way you use it. 

We’ve highlighted our top five tips for adding logos to your reports: 

1. Choose a landscape version of the logo that works on the background colour of the report. Make sure your logo image contains the standard whitespace you want to use, so you can just drop it into A1. 

2. Make the logo as big (height-wise) as the smallest report header you anticipate creating. Create an image that size to use always, even if the report header is larger. It’s so much easier to re-use if you don’t have to change the size every time.  

3. Place the logo on the left-hand side. Different reports may do different things on the right-hand side and will most certainly have different total widths.  

4. Set your column widths so that the header detail always starts at the same horizontal location. In this way, your reports will seem amazingly consistent – earning you instant credibility. 

5. Set the image to move but not resize with cells, and make sure lock aspect is on. Remember, if it looks wrong, your report will feel wrong. 

Oh, and it doesn’t have to be logos only – if you’re adding in contact details, add a picture of the person. Everyone prefers to engage with someone they have seen. Or even a picture of the product or subject matter – as seen in our tech tip about beautifying your reports, images are not just for PowerPoint! 

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