Skylights PowerPoint: Use dynamic CALUMO images to streamline your reporting

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Is your finance team spending hours building the monthly board pack by cutting and pasting from Excel, only to be told that someone missed an accrual and every single report needs to be updated and checked? 

Skylights allows you to embed live CALUMO reports as dynamic images, meaning your word and PowerPoint documents can display key information that’s connected directly to the original data source. One of our clients, a large law firm, was spending multiple days every month re-creating a 200-page board deck. Now, with Skylights, it takes them about 15 minutes. Watch our demo video to see how they’re doing this. 

Skylights brings up-to-date data into a format that works for you and your audience. Don’t spend hours cutting, pasting, and checking your reports. Reports are updated in minutes, so you can focus on creating value for your business in other areas. 

To learn more about how CALUMO features boost efficiency and accuracy, get in touch with us on +61 2 8985 7777 (AUS), +1 214 387 6030 (USA) or