Skylights Word – Dynamic text, commentary and tables linked straight to the data source

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Skylights for Word is a key CALUMO feature that allows you to embed connected reports, figures, and tables directly into your Word documents. Monthly reports can be updated in minutes, not days, and you can be confident the numbers are accurate as they are pulled directly from the data source.

Like Skylights for PowerPoint, Skylights for Word also allows sections of CALUMO reports to be included as images. Where it differs is that this functionality extends to text! This means that not only will the images be dynamic, but also the accompanying titles, commentary, and tables. This further reduces the time it takes to build beautiful, interactive reporting packs that you can refresh and re-use each month at the click of a button.


Of course, some of your reports may be structured as presentations, but we’ve accounted for that too. If you haven’t already, check out the video for Skylights in PowerPoint.

Time saved with Skylights on manual data entry and fact-checking can be used to deepen your understanding of the data trends and boost the value of the business insights you provide.

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