Justin Jia and Vincent Li — New Starters at CALUMO

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We’re excited to welcome Justin Jia and Vincent Li to our team of consultants as part of our grad program. Read about our data-lovingwhiskey-drinkingguitar-playing, travel-going new starters below! 


This is Vincent Li:

This is Justin Jia:

What started you on your BI and CPM journey? 

Vincent: For me, it was a perfect fit for my educational background, having completed my undergraduate studies in Finance and a masters in Big Data and IT. I have a passion for Finance and actively invest in the stock market, so I’m constantly reviewing financial statements and annual reports of listed companies. 

Justin: I’ve also completed postgraduate studies in Business Information Systems. I have an auditing background and love problem solving and communicating with people. Working in BI gives me the opportunity to work in the Finance industry, while also helping people and continuing to learn. 

What made you want to work with CALUMO software? 

Justin: In my opinion, there are not that many solutions in the BI industry that can do what CALUMO does, and to that caliber. I also really wanted to work with customers with more complex BI needs, which I believe CALUMO software meets. 

Vincent: For me, what CALUMO does was the biggest reason. With my experience in investing, I understand a lot of the pain points of using static financial statements, which are hard to understand and to derive meaningful analysis from. CALUMO software empowers customers to be data-driven in a much easier way. 

What interests or hobbies do you have? 

Justin: I like to play guitar and am an avid table tennis player. I also love travelling–I travelled during my studies and also became an Airbnb host. It’s allowed me to open my eyes to different cultures, make friends from around the world, and listen to people’s stories. My favourite place to visit so far has been Japan, which was such a cool place. It felt like visiting the future. 

Vincent: I can’t say that I am musically talented, like Justin, but I do enjoy listening to K-pop and can understand some Korean. I’ve always been athletic and enjoy combat sports like boxing, muay thai, judo, kickboxing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In my earlier years, I was a pro-swimmer and a Chinese State Championship Silver medalist.

What is a fun fact or something that people may not know about you? 

Vincent: I love whiskey. My favourite whiskey is Talisker, which is made on the Minginish Peninsula on the Isle of Skye. It has a salty aftertaste. 

Justin: My heart is located in the right-hand side of my chest; it is a medical condition that affects 1 in 100,000 people. Dextrocardia isn’t harmful, but it’s always interesting when I am seeing a new doctor.