Aged Care Funding Boom Requires an Agile Rostering Solution

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Rostering Headaches Set to Worsen

Australia’s aged care sector has found itself in the spotlight over the last few years, particularly for its management of the initial COVID-19 outbreak. A royal commission into the industry unearthed troubling care quality data, which the Federal Government is hoping to address with a $17.7 Billion funding scheme and a number of new mandates.

While the funding offers much-needed support for providers, there are concerns some of the scheme’s targets are too ambitious. Managing complex rostering obligations, enterprise bargaining agreements, and staff-to-patient ratios have already placed a significant administrative burden on the sector, and the five-year funding delivery overlooks many nuances and systemic challenges that providers are already battling.

For example, one of the targets is to increase care for residents to 200 minutes per day, including 40 minutes of Registered Nurse (RN) time, by the year 2022. Achieving this will mean strictly reporting daily staffing hours, tracking worker’s time, and ensuring fair and compliant working conditions.

Adding more complex requirements to an already overwhelming rostering challenge will only increase the resources that providers are using on admin. Without a strong data management solution, rostering will be even more of a nightmare than it already is.


Leveraging Technology to Reduce Administrative Burdens

Robust Corporate Performance Management tools, like CALUMO, optimise organisation’s operations and financials. Aged care providers can use a CPM tool to meet administrative burdens head-on, taking control of data to create efficiency across the business.

"CALUMO gives me full visibility of both financial and operational status across the whole organisation. I can easily drill down to where the issues are without having to jump between systems or involve other staff."
Peter Batsakis, GM for Corporate Services, Able Australia


Simplify Rostering

Through a CPM solution, aged care providers are given clear rostering visibility that monitors costs and ensures a well-balanced workforce. An easy-to-use tool like CALUMO means it is simple to manage Enterprise Bargaining Agreements and prescribed staff-to-patient ratios, ensuring an efficient distribution of staff without compromising care or employee wellbeing.

Simplifying rostering reduces one of the biggest administrative burdens of aged care. By leaning on a tool like CALUMO, providers can be confident that their rostering is economical and compliant, and that their care is of the highest possible standard. The resources they save can be redirected to generate value-add across the organisation.

Optimise Forecasting to Make Better Decisions

Providers can assimilate historical datasets into a CPM tool to create a rolling forecast they can trust. Estimates of available beds, attending staff, and equipment costs enable confident budget planning, meaning data-driven decisions can be made at an organisational and individual patient level.

Clear visualisation of budgets and forecasts with CALUMO dashboards allows organisations to understand their ongoing performance. Consideration of ad hoc or what-if scenarios no longer needs to sit in the ‘too hard basket’ – CALUMO empowers organisations to eliminate long planning cycles and improve agility with accurate and continuous forecasting.

Aggregate Data to Make the Most of Funding

Calculating the total cost of care often requires consideration of complex funding arrangements, requiring providers to pool disparate data from several sources. CALUMO will seamlessly and dynamically integrate aged care provider’s financial and operational data into a single source of truth. Everyone in the organisation can be confident they are working with the same set of numbers.

Boost Efficiency Everywhere

The same CALUMO solution that helps with rostering can reduce burdens across the business. AR people can collaboratively hunt outstanding debt. AP can manage expenses and charges. HR can conduct talent and remuneration review processes. Finance can manage monthly rolling forecasts. Non-financial staff can engage in all manner of data-related activities more quickly and effectively. Costs go down and productivity rises when providers leverage industry-leading CPM tools.

CALUMO is Experienced in the Health Sector

Our team has been working with health and aged care providers for decades, so we understand the complexities of rostering, funding, and forecasting. We have proven experience creating efficiencies with aged care, allied health, and NDIS providers, such as Able Australia.

CALUMO has enjoyed a long partnership with aged care specialists Villa Maria Catholic Homes, one of Australia’s largest providers of disability, education, and senior services. Since the implementation of CALUMO:

  • VMCH’s budgeting cycle is down to 19 weeks, which is a 60% saving equivalent to one FTE.
  • Managers can execute all of the labour budgeting in their cost centres, meaning a massive reduction in administrative load.
  • Team satisfaction has increased because Board and Statutory reporting is now simple, and reporting queries to the finance team are down by 95%.
"During the last Budgeting Cycle I had a three week holiday, and we still achieved the reporting deadline set by the Board for presentation of the budget, with no need for additional resources in my absence."
Cathi Johnson, Systems Accounting Manager, Villa Maria Catholic Homes

To find out how CALUMO can help simplify your rostering and kickstart your finance transformation journey, or to find out more about what we do, contact us on +61 2 8985 7777 or