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CFO Forum – The Acumentis Journey

On October 5th, insightsoftware was proud to be the Event Partner of the 7th annual CFO Forum. The theme of the virtual event was “Adversity, Resilience, and Opportunity,” and few customer stories champion these values as well as Acumentis.

Over the last few years, listed property valuer Acumentis’ finance team has managed to boost their efficiency despite multiple acquisitions, two cyberattacks, and the pandemic. The implementation of insightsoftware’s CALUMO product provided a finance-centric, cloud-based solution, enabling both high-level and granular efficiencies across the organization. This has included the integration of disparate datasets, automated reporting, employee level profit and loss statements (P&Ls), self-service reporting for front-line staff, online budgeting, and acquisition due diligence. Acumentis’ agility and productivity are a result of working within a single source of truth, allowing the whole organization to trust the numbers, and liberating finance to focus on analysis.

A panel of Acumentis CFO John Wise, insightsoftware’s Keriann Edwards, and our very own engagement director Tim Bryden delivered the standout session, “A CFO’s Challenge – Staying Agile and Boosting Productivity When Workload Triples.”

You can read more of the Acumentis story in our case study.

Public Sector Network Webinar – MyOutcomes at the Department of Regional New South Wales

On the 28th of October, the Public Sector Network will be hosting a webinar on “Outcomes Reporting That Empowers Finance to Serve the Public.” Through effective resource allocation, government finance functions can connect data to political objectives and report on demonstrable outcomes for the public. Department of Regional NSW (DRNSW) is a new central agency cluster that is seeing world-class results from their outcomes-based solution, and CFO Angus Begg is prepared to share his experience.

Recognizing the importance of data analytics and scenario modelling to support decision-making and long-term strategy, Angus Begg and his team developed MyOutcomes—an elegant and robust corporate performance management solution powered by CALUMO.

Angus Begg will speak about:

  • Leveraging automation to increase efficiency—DRNSW has halved its monthly reporting cycle.
  • Improving data accuracy and transparency, with a single source of the truth empowering finance to become strategic decision makers.
  • Demonstrate the robust, future proof solution which integrates with new ERP’s without disruption to the finance function.
  • Driving operational cost reductions and delivering more efficient services for the people of New South Wales.

We'll be working to share this insightful presentation in the coming weeks. If you're a member of the public sector and would like to register, please contact us at