Presentation: How Arts Centre Melbourne Leveraged CALUMO

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CALUMO was proud to sponsor the Finance Analytics virtual event in July. It was a valuable opportunity to engage in discussions around modern, intelligent business solutions, as well as strategies to evolve finance through better control of data.

Arts Centre Melbourne’s (ACM) finance director, James Lockyer, delivered an impactful and informative address on the transformational implementation of CALUMO within their finance team. Before CALUMO, some of the challenges faced by ACM included:

  • Complex business drivers.
  • Diverse commercial activities (food & beverage, carpark, conferences, entertainment spaces).
  • Inter-connected operational environments.
  • Multiple data sources including event management, transactional, financial, rostering and payroll systems.

In his address, James spoke about empowering his finance team with a strong data management solution. Hear him talk about leveraging CALUMO to guide his organization’s future by clicking on the image below.

After the implementation of CALUMO, ACM saw:

  • Faster, low cost, and trustworthy reporting.
  • Improved reporting on past and upcoming venue utilization and events profile, with metrics relating to attendance, labor-intensity, arts precinct activity and ancillary spending of visitors.
  • Trends and lead-indicators were more easily identified to help respond to changing circumstances.
  • Substantially increased employee engagement.


To learn more about how CALUMO helped ACM optimise its finance function, refer to the priority project (page 71) of the Victorian Arts Centre Trust Annual Report 2019 – 2020.

To find out how CALUMO can help kickstart your finance transformation journey, or to find out more about what we do, contact us on +61 2 8985 7777 or