World-leading Business Intelligence & Corporate Performance Management

CALUMO is ranked number one in the world’s largest survey of business intelligence companies. It offers a unified BI and CPM solution that integrates with the tools you know and love, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and SharePoint.


We believe finance teams are the driving force behind corporate performance management. They have direct access to business-critical information and are responsible for collecting, analysing, and distributing that data to people across the organisation. Of course, what sounds like a simple job can often turn into a nightmare, with weak datasets, complicated spreadsheets and broken reports. Many teams are trapped in a vicious cycle, spending so much time trying to find the right data, they don’t have time to work out what it means and what to do next.

We know the challenges you face, because we’re Chartered Accountants and CPAs with a wealth of finance experience. Our team created CALUMO for finance people and teams that rely on their insights, so they can take back control of their time and make the most of the skills they have worked so hard to learn and develop. Our software gives you a single source of truth across your organisation, using the Microsoft Office applications you know and love. It’s clean, modern, incredibly smart, beautifully simple and accessible on any device. If you can browse the internet, you can use CALUMO. It’s that easy.

We can talk about how much we love CALUMO all day, but we know you want to see what everyone else thinks. In The BI & Analytics Survey 21—the world’s largest survey of business intelligence companies—CALUMO ranked number one in 50 categories and was one of the leaders in an additional 52 categories. That’s a pretty big deal. We also think our pay-as-you-go pricing commitment is pretty hard to beat when it comes to enterprise-grade business intelligence solutions. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, enjoy a free trial of CALUMO today.


noun | ca·loo·mow

Definition Derived from the Greek word Keleuma, referring to the song, chant or command given to rowers by the master of a ship. CALUMO empowers and unifies teams, allowing them to collaborate and achieve optimum performance.