CALUMO BI Tools and Features

No other business intelligence or corporate performance management solution offers the range of BI tools and extended planning & analysis (xP&A) capabilities available in CALUMO. You’ll have everything you need, in one cost-effective and user-friendly solution.


We make Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management easy.

Our BI & CPM tools are designed so everyone can access and understand your business data, making your goal of xP&A across your organisation achievable. You don’t need to be a technical genius or spend a fortune on additional modules or plugins. It’s all integrated into the one solution, built on the Microsoft stack and accessible on any device.


The all-in-one solution you’ve been waiting for

CALUMO gives you everything you need to combine performance data and deliver insights that matter. It’s designed for finance people and the teams that rely on them, with a range of features that drive greater efficiency, collaboration, and productivity across your organisation.

Our all-in-one solution automates your everyday, high-risk and high-value tasks, so you can make life easier for your team and focus on your business. Best of all, it transforms Microsoft Excel into the asset it should be, without any additional modules, hidden costs, or heavy training.

CALUMO reimagines corporate performance management and business intelligence from the ground up, so your team can stay agile and become a true business partner. There’s no bloat and no friction—just one finely-tuned and beautifully simple BI and CPM tool.