BI Reporting Tools

Our BI reporting tools allow you to build, analyse and distribute reports in minutes, using live data delivered via secure webpages or in Microsoft Office. Forget data collection, version control, and formatting. CALUMO does it all for you.

Build once and use forever

With CALUMO, all you need to do is build one report and it will automatically be updated with live data at any time and on any device. You’ll never need to create or modify that report again.


You already know what information you need to share with management and board members each month or quarter. So why waste time creating the same report over and over again? CALUMO’s BI reporting tools automate the process, so you don’t need to worry about formatting documents or double-checking the numbers. Simply build reports in the familiar environment of Excel and publish them as a secure and dynamic webpage in one click.

Flexible templates to save you time

Available any time on any device

Use in Word or PowerPoint and stay connected with Skylights

On demand or scheduled updates

Build one report and use it forever

Analyse and distribute reports fast

Get the whole picture

Our dashboards are not only beautiful and easy to use, they give you all the information you need at a glance, so you can make business decisions based on evidence rather than gut feeling.


CALUMO dashboards are built in Excel and feature links to live data, as well as the ability to drill up, down and across to supporting reports, views and even individual transactions. You can log into CALUMO and access the latest data at any time on any device, or integrate data from other sources. It’s fully interactive, so you can add notes for your team to see in real time, or respond quickly when the dashboard flags a problem. Whatever you need, it’s right there, clear as day.

Track KPIs, manage risk and take action

Quickly access templates and reports

View on the web using any device

Incorporate third-party data

Add dynamic charts, images and in-cell sparks

Make the right impression at month-end

What used to take you days will now take you minutes with CALUMO. Watch your results come together before month-end, then add the finishing touches and you’re good to go. You’ll reduce business risk, impress your team and go home on time. It’s a win-win.


CALUMO’s BI reporting tools make month-end reporting easy. Your data is automatically collected, consolidated and checked, so you spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on your business. Reporting packs are distributed as secure webpages that can be viewed on any device, to avoid printing and emailing. They can also be delivered as a PDF or Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations.

Set and forget your month-end reporting

Distribute packs as secure webpages

Report on any business measure

Drill-down, drill-through, drill-to any number

Reports are easy to read on any device

Drag and drop, slice and dice

Our ad-hoc cube browser allows you to create new reports in minutes, using data from a range of sources. The result? Teams are empowered to get the right information to the right people, at the right time. It’s so simple that even non-technical users love it.


Data often lives in many different locations, which usually makes it tricky to pull together an ad-hoc report. Not with CALUMO. It’s as simple as drag and drop. You can quickly create a new perspective, get the answers you need, then chart and share your findings. View data at any level, or slice and dice it any way you like. Drill down for deeper analysis, or up to measure compliance with your KPIs. It’s all available at your fingertips.

Produce ad-hoc reports in minutes

View consolidated data at any level

Enjoy greater visibility and analysis

Publish and share your findings fast

Build different views of your data

Design your own interface

Once you’ve created a report, it’s time to share it with your team. The CALUMO Apps feature allows you to create report menus quickly, so users can find the report they need, fast.


Our Apps feature makes it easy to build, save, and share reports on PC, Mac and mobile devices. You can group reports any way you like by using the drag and drop tools, then apply security to them so your business data is protected at all times. Like everything in CALUMO, it’s fully flexible and easy for everyone in the organisation to use. Once you’ve finished creating your app, save it online with one click and share the unique URL with your team.

Help users find the reports they need

Restrict access using groups

Create dashboard report menus

Simple drag and drop interface

Group reports using lists and folders