BI and Planning with CALUMO

CALUMO’s business intelligence and extended planning & analysis (xP&A) tools help you predict the future of your business. Smart templates allow your team to create budgets, business models, and rolling forecasts from the one application, using our built-in writeback feature.

Straight from the source

Writeback transforms business intelligence and planning for finance and operations into a two-way street, allowing you to collect information like budgets, forecasts, business modelling, what-if analyses and KPIs across your business.


CALUMO provides the flexibility to writeback data on your own terms. Integrating business intelligence and writeback into a single application means you can keep an eye on the past, while you focus on the future. While most business intelligence tools require a separate plugin or application to enjoy the benefits of writeback, we’ve built it into CALUMO for no additional cost.

Built into CALUMO at no extra cost

Update source systems from CALUMO

Includes commentary at all levels

Enjoy full control and flexibility

Planning, budgeting, and forecasting

One tool for Finance.
One tool for Everyone.

Our business intelligence and financial planning & analysis (FP&A) tools make end of financial year a breeze. You’ll use the same platform for planning and forecasting as you do for month-end reporting, with instant access to data and no need for any other applications.


CALUMO not only saves you time, but significantly improves the accuracy of your budgets which helps teams better understand the impact of their business decisions and future plans. You’ll only need one tool for everything, including HR, operational and capital expenditure, balance sheets, profit and loss, and cashflow planning. Add commentary to your budget and allow staff to read and respond in real time with rich text and note history, then see data flow through to forecasts and reports instantly.

Bottom-up and top-down templates

Align to your KPIs and business plan

Compare budgets to actuals instantly

Designed and built by finance people

Add revenue streams with costs

Forecast on the fly

We provide rolling forecasts that are fully automated and easy to manage, so you spend less time updating spreadsheets and more time working out what the data means for your business and what you can do about it.


Future-proofing your business starts with improving the accuracy of your forecasts. Our BI and planning tools for finance and operations allow you to prepare a forecast and share it with your team in one click. Compare forecasts to see how you’re tracking against actuals, budgets, previous forecasts, and KPIs. Use our driver-based forecasting tools to see what’s driving your business, or adjust scenarios to help you make business decisions. It’s fast, accurate and seamless.

Automated rolling forecasts

Compare forecasts to actuals instantly

Top-down and bottom-up forecasting

Easy to create and manage

Instantly flows through to reports

Plan for the future

Our sophisticated modelling tools help you plan for the future. Choose from our range of flexible financial and operational planning models designed for different cost and revenue structures, or build your own.


CALUMO makes it easy to turn large data volumes from different sources into a single business model to share with your team or your whole business. Results are available instantly and integrated into budgets and reports on the fly, so you can build new revenue streams and improve the performance of your business. All your business data is stored in our agile data cubes that can be built and shared on any device.

Flexible financial and operational planning model capabilities

Streamline planning workflows

Real-time data entry, calculations and comment capture

Easy to store and retrieve models

Driver-based modelling capabilities

Collect better data

We make data collection easy, no matter how many teams you have or where they’re located. Create a template from Excel with one click, or have teams enter data directly into CALUMO via a user-friendly webpage.


Data is stored in Microsoft’s industry leading SQL Server database in a way that makes it easy to retrieve whenever you need it. Once you’ve created your input template, let your team know it’s ready with an automated email or a notice on your intranet. Access results instantly with our reporting tools or real-time scoreboards. It’s all completely secure and eliminates the risk of human error, to give you peace of mind.

Real-time data entry on any device

Data is stored correctly and never lost

Enter data via Excel or online forms

Data feeds directly into reports

Secure data capture and storage