One BI Tool for Any Data Source

CALUMO is the only business intelligence tool you need to access data from any source, including your general ledger, CRM, HR, ERP and other operational systems. It’s secure, seamless and simply brilliant.

Work at lightning speed

CALUMO Connect is our enterprise-grade integration tool that allows you to quickly and easily access live data from a range of sources, so you only need to log in to one application to get all the information you need.


CALUMO can connect to you data sources either using one of our existing connectors or via a custom-built API integration. You’ll save time and improve the accuracy of your reports, without the need to switch applications or double-check the numbers. Once your data is integrated with CALUMO, you can quickly view and analyse it on any device, then create professional reports in minutes. It’s one of the easiest ways to streamline your budgeting, planning and analytics.

Connect to any data source from CALUMO

Save time and dramatically increase user satisfaction

Access pre-built data marts and cubes

Use one tool for all your BI and CPM needs

Get a custom-built integration to any application

Microsoft Dynamics

Our pre-built integration with the Microsoft Dynamics suite accelerates your budgeting and reporting, so you can improve accuracy while saving time and resources. Take control of your reports and modify them in moments, using our agile data cubes, custom templates and pre-built data marts.


Your marketing, sales, operations and finance teams are going to love CALUMO as much as you do. Our business intelligence tool connects to your Salesforce data using a flexible API that allows you to customise and publish reports and dashboards in moments.

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

Forget exporting to Excel and coding with Reporting Services. CALUMO connects directly to your existing Analysis Services cubes, so you can view and interact with reports, slice and dice data, dashboard like a pro, and budget and forecast in real time.


Access your Xero data instantly and build comprehensive reports (including consolidations and tracking code analysis) in minutes. Simply drag and drop your business measures to create accurate, professional and dynamic web or Excel reports.

Marketing Automation and Analytics

Access data held in marketing automation tools such as Marketo, Exact Target and Hubspot, then connect it to your Google Analytics and CRM data to measure the return on your marketing campaign investment.

More apps that integrate with CALUMO


No problem. We’ve never seen a data source we couldn’t connect with, or extract data from. Get in touch to find out how we can integrate CALUMO with your favourite application.

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