Microsoft Office

CALUMO is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office tools, so you can enjoy powerful business intelligence and corporate performance management using the applications you know and love.

Refresh the way you work

CALUMO Skylights is a truly innovative way to integrate your data with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. You can update reports and presentations with the latest data in moments, without leaving Microsoft Office.


Skylights allows you to pull data from your business intelligence platform and place that content in documents and presentations, without any tricky tables or awkward copying and pasting. The data is sourced directly from the CALUMO server, so you don’t need to check the data or work out whether you’re using the latest information. Simply hit the ‘refresh’ button on the Skylights ribbon in Word or PowerPoint and your documents are updated in moments, including commentary and notes.

Add data to documents and presentations

Update real-time data with one click

Print high-resolution reports and web pages

Start your reports before data is finalised

No copying, pasting or tables

Take Excel to the next level

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used reporting and planning tool in the world. That’s why we’ve built CALUMO to make the most of everything it has to offer, so you can enjoy better business intelligence without starting from scratch.


CALUMO transforms your Excel spreadsheets into templates, significantly reducing the number of workbooks you need for effective business planning and reporting. In fact, one CALUMO-powered Excel webpage is equivalent to hundreds of individual spreadsheets. You can format the templates however you like, knowing they’ll always display the correct data. And you won’t need any help from IT to format documents or build reports. Simply hit ‘publish’ on the CALUMO ribbon in Excel and your document is uploaded, stored and transformed into a dynamic webpage in moments. You’ll still have access to the original spreadsheet, which you can view, share or update at any time.

Eliminate spreadsheet duplication

Create input templates or dashboards

Store and retrieve spreadsheets easily

No formatting restrictions

Build dynamic, flexible web reports

Skylight Fields

Some reports that you prepare in Word contain so many numbers from your Performance Data that you need fine-grained control over how those numbers appear in your documents.


You could re-key every number every time it changes but that’s just painful and error prone. Skylight Fields provides the ultimate answer for automating the process of constructing Word documents that dynamically pull tables of numbers and numbers in text from your back office systems.

Skylight Fields allow you to refer to any CALUMO web page and pick out the key data that needs to be included in your statutory accounts, management reports and other documents. Once in Word these are connected fields that can be dynamically updated with a single button click in the CALUMO ribbon for Word.

Build your own automated commentary in Monthly management reports

Take the pain out of statutory accounts

Incredibly fast to set up

Single button to refresh to current data

Late number changes become a breeze, not a nightmare

Stop wasting time transposing from one place to another and maybe even another

Everything ties back to the one version of the truth

Skylight Reports

Sometimes you need your Performance Data delivered through the web, sometimes in Excel, Word or PowerPoint. But it’s hard to build the reports and have them kept up to date, right? Essentially, they’re out of date almost as soon as you start building the document. CALUMO Skylights is the answer.


Choose you preferred productivity tool to deliver your message and CALUMO brings your performance data to it – connected and always live.

Skylight Reports allows you to take any CALUMO web page (or part thereof) and surface it directly in documents and presentations. It’s a breeze to set up and better still – its dynamic.

Incredibly fast to set up

Single button to refresh to current data

Minimise transposition errors

Late number changes become a breeze, not a nightmare

Stop wasting time transposing from one place to another and maybe even another

Everything ties back to the one version of the truth - Web, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Empower your team

Our collaborative authoring process allows different people to work on reports and templates in different locations, at different times. You’ll never need to worry about data loss or version control again.


Our collaborative authoring integrates with your Microsoft Office suite. Simply download a report, view its source, modify the data and republish it within minutes, or convert a private report into a public one at any time. Use elements of one report in another, or retrieve old reports and enhance them for future use. The original version of any report is stored as an Excel document in our secure report vault, giving you unprecedented version control that is simply not available in any other business intelligence or CPM tool.

Full version control of web reports

Repurpose old reports using new data

Store and retrieve documents with ease

Apply multiple scenarios to the data

Add help text to share notes with colleagues

A design studio in Excel

You don’t need a graphic designer to create beautiful reports. Simply build your report in Excel, click publish and CALUMO takes care of the rest. It’s fast and easy, just the way it should be.


CALUMO makes publishing reports easy. Your Excel spreadsheet will be converted into a fully-functional webpage that’s available anytime, on any device. Share the unique URL with your team, or refresh the webpage to see new data come to life. Drop-down menus and drill anywhere functionality allows teams to dig deeper into the results, while Microsoft Business Intelligence makes it easy to export as a PDF or into Word or PowerPoint.

Build and share reports in minutes

No need to rely on IT or designers

One-click publishing from Excel

Protected with best practice security

Interactive reports with live data