Our Business Intelligence Platform

We offer a flexible business intelligence platform, with the choice of deploying CALUMO in the cloud or on your premises. No matter how you access CALUMO, it’s fast, easy to use and available on any device.

Cloud vs on-premises

CALUMO future-proofs your business, by allowing you to switch deployment models and scale up or down as your team grows and changes over time. You’ll always be one step ahead of the competition with CALUMO.



CALUMO is located in the highly-secure and scalable Microsoft Azure cloud and features a unique pay-as-you-go monthly subscription. You won’t need to worry about hosting databases, applications or web servers. All you’ll need is your desktop, tablet and smartphone, as well as the standard suite of Microsoft Office applications. We’re one of the largest Azure customers in our category in the world, so you can rest assured you’ll be working with the best of the best.

CALUMO On-Premises

Our on-premises business intelligence platform includes a database server, web server and our Microsoft Office client. The web server can exist as a standalone server or combined on the same machine as the database server. We’ll work closely with your IT team to design a solution that will maximise your existing physical or virtual infrastructure and streamline your network, so you can make the most of CALUMO’s speed and efficiency.


  • Choose cloud or on-premise solution
  • Fast, flexible and mobile-friendly
  • Full CALUMO functionality
  • Full CALUMO functionality
  • Full CALUMO functionality

Trusted by the world

CALUMO is built on the enterprise-grade Microsoft SQL Server and hosted in the cloud using the highly-secure Microsoft Azure platform, offering seamless integration with the Microsoft applications you know and love.


Our business intelligence platform is built on the enterprise-grade Microsoft SQL server, so you can leverage the power of Microsoft Office for business planning, forecasting, reporting and analytics. CALUMO works on all devices because we use HTML5 technology, which is available on most platforms, from PC to Mac and Linux. If you choose our cloud-based solution, your business intelligence will be hosted by Microsoft Azure, the number one platform for uptime, availability and security.

Enterprise-grade technology

Hosted by Microsoft Azure

Gold Microsoft partner

Integrates with Microsoft Office

Built on Microsoft SQL Server

A frictionless experience

Better visibility is the number one need identified by business leaders when it comes to finding and using data. It’s about making sure the right information is provided to the right people, at the right time.


Better visibility is the number one need identified by business leaders when it comes to finding and using data. It’s about making sure the right information is provided to the right people, at the right time. CALUMO is the only business intelligence tool that gives everyone in your organisation the ability to source and share accurate information in real time, regardless of what application or device they’re using. You won’t need to rely on analysts, or waste time on admin. That’s what we mean by spontaneous visibility.

Always on and up to date, no matter what

Integrates with Microsoft Office applications

Access reports and template on any device

Find the root cause and design solutions fast

Simple web interface that’s easy to use


A good business intelligence platform should work on every device, whether it’s a Mac or PC, iPhone or Android. With CALUMO, reports automatically resize when viewed on a mobile device and data can be quickly shared with decision makers on the go. You won’t need any add-ons or additional tools, just one application for every team.

No additional tools, no additional fees

No data staging or data lag

Build reports once and view them anywhere

Full functionality on any device

Maintain a single source of truth


You won’t find any other business intelligence tool with CALUMO’s level of data security. We continually monitor and improve our security systems, to ensure your data is completely protected at all times.


CALUMO is certified as System Organisation Controls (SOC 2) compliant. Compliance is independently audited by a world-leading risk advisory firm, based on the Trust Services Principles of Security Availability, Processing Integrity and Confidentiality. This achievement illustrates our commitment to creating a secure operating environment for your business data.

Own and control your data at all times

Stringent user access and authentication

Enterprise-grade security with Microsoft

Regular business intelligence platform testing