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Excel spreadsheets breed like rabbits, burdening your email systems, filling up your hard drives, confusing your audience and confusing your reporting efforts while you search to find “the right version of the .xlsx”. It’s one of the biggest problems of overusing Excel. CALUMO takes that problem away, entirely.

We love Excel. When CALUMO brings order to Excel it’s just magic.

BI for Excel

 CALUMO brings order in 3 steps

First, a single CALUMO enabled Excel worksheet or publish web page is the equivalent of hundreds of spreadsheets, massively reducing the spreadsheets you need to report your business or do your planning.

Second the CALUMO vault becomes your storehouse of the Excel worksheets that remain. It is part of the magic that happens when you press the publish button. When that button is pressed your worksheet is committed to the CALUMO database. When you open the published report you have direct access to the original spreadsheet which you can download into Excel at any time.

Finally, after you embrace the web, you discover that so many of the spreadsheets you’ve been laboring to email every month are no longer needed. Your users can self-service any time to get the data they need. The requirement for distribution just disappears.

1. Save significant time for finance people.

2. Remove key man risk. Report should not be dependent on 1 or 2 people.

3. Self-service BI – business users access their reports and can answer questions themselves.

1. Built and run by Finance People.

2. Dramatically reduce the time and cost involved in the budget process.

3. Significantly increase accuracy. Remove the risk of human error involved in manual data handling.

1. Instant access for Instant visibility.

2. Analyze with ease.

3. Built for finance people and business analysts.

1. Reforecast at a moment’s notice.

2. Remove the constraint of financial year end for decision making.

3. Decrease time required for the budget process.

1. Get answers Instantly, save hours of efforts.

2. Reduce spend on audit fees.

3. Reduce Finance’s investigation time.

1. Access all your data. Make decisions now.

2. Access to your data at any time

3. Don’t wait for other people for information

1. Save days, weeks and months while dramatically improving user satisfaction

2. No more dumping 1,000’s of transactions and massaging in the hope of finding answers.

3. No more waiting for IT or Finance to produce special analysis

1. Get answers Instantly, save hours.

2. Reduce spend on audit fees.

3. Reduce Finance’s investigation time.

1. Dynamic, live and interactive.

2. Month-end is complete when the last journal is posted.

3. No more printing required.

1. Professional and really good looking

2. Use data from any source

3. Always have the very latest data

1. No bottlenecks. You are not dependent on other people.

2. Build Reports with speed and ease

3. Use your existing knowledge of Excel for fast report building

1. Keep Excel as your report authoring tool

2. Remove the excess workbooks you don’t need with Excel

3. Convert Excel sheets to dynamic web pages

1. Fast report building – Finance people and Business Analysts can build and share reports in minutes.

2. Self Service BI i.e. no reliance on IT to produce reports.

3. Trusted and enterprise grade database.

Web Users have read and write (reporting, budgeting and forecasting) access to all CALUMO Web Portal content.
Office Connected Users have access to CALUMO Office integration with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
CALUMO Private Cloud Server Subscription